Card Games Skills You Can Take To Auditions

If you are looking to pursue a career in the arts it’s no question auditioning will become a key part of your life.

Being good at an instrument is not always sufficient to get ahead in the industry. An audition requires a specific skillset separate from an ability to perform.  Similar to exams, some people are brilliant at learning but not so great when pressured to demonstrate their knowledge.

Some of these skills needed in an audition can be found in other walks of life you may not have expected, one of which is card games. There are several key attributes that you display as a card player that will also serve you well in any type of audition. If you need further proof, here are four skills that playing cards can teach you that might help you land that next big role.


Preparation for an audition is everything, as we explained in our article 10 Preparation Strategies I’ve Learned from Audition Winners, and the same goes for card games. This guide to playing Blackjack explains that when you first sit down to play, understanding the rules is hugely important, so before you pull up a chair you must prepare. Knowing what is expected of you and how the situation works is fundamental not only to playing a popular card game but also to an audition. The saying failure to prepare is preparing to fail is 100% accurate and applies to both scenarios.


For a succsissful audition you must not only have confidence in yourself and your ability but also in your capability to deliver in front of a panel. That can be challenging, but a game of poker could prove good preparation for those challenges. In poker, you must have confidence in your hand and in the decisions you make in the game. Just because someone does something you do not expect, such as staying in the game, you cannot stray from your original strategy. That self-confidence and ability to keep your nerve is a huge part of any audition as well.


All auditions are based around putting on a great performance. A good card player needs to put on a great performance too, even if it is one of complete ambiguity whatever hand they are dealt. The “poker face”, according to the Gentleman’s Journal, and it is key to any good player’s arsenal. The same goes for an audition. If you are nervous, unsure or concerned, keep your poker face on and perform.


Flexibility is a huge part of any audition, with audition expert Craig Wallace going as far as saying that preparing too much can hinder your chances, rather than help them. You must be prepared to show a bit of personality, and a dash of improvisation and the ability to work under pressure. The same goes for a game of cards because you never quite know what card is next in the deck. This is particularly evident in Texas Hold ‘em when you choose your approach before seeing what cards are turned over. Depending on what appears, you may have to be prepared to alter your approach without giving yourself away. In an audition, you may occasionally be asked to perform something you have not prepared for, so being flexible is a great attribute to have.

So next time you have a big audition coming up and your friends invite you over for a game of cards, it might be worth your while to join them instead of practicing more!  You might just gain some skills that would not have been gained in the practice room.