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Taking Your Web Presence to the Next Level
Written by Ariel Kurtz

New York based web designer, social media manager, and singer Ariel Kurtz shares her take on navigating the often overwhelming world of professional websites and social media pages. Read for tips on getting started building a site, what to include, and making it as user-friendly as possible!

Interview with Weston Sprott - Met Opera Trombonist & Dean of the Juilliard School's Preparatory Division
Written by Andrea Beyer

Insight from one of the country’s most prominent musicians! Weston Sprott shares how he has been spending his time in lockdown since the Met Opera closed its doors, his approach to virtual teaching, and how Juilliard’s Preparatory Division is adapting to the pandemic as well as four great points of advice for musicians as we cope with the pandemic. 

Adapting & moving forward in the time of COVID
Written by Andrea Beyer

Two musician entrepreneurs share how their organizations and ensembles are making changes and staying relevant despite the challenges brought on by COVID-19. Featuring Angelica Hairston, founder & executive director of Challenge the Stats, and Kara LaMoure, founding member of the Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet, and bassoonist of WindSync Wind Quintet.

Two tools for sharpening your practice
Written by Jason Heath

Podcast host, blogger, and educator Jason Heath shares how two apps have transormed his practice routine and offers tips on how to use them to keep track of music, make recordings, and keep organized notes.

Interview with Carlos Andrés Botero - Asst. Conductor & Music Ambassador for the Houston Symphony and Music Director of the Conservatory Orchestra in the State of Veracruz
Written by Andrea Beyer

As an international conductor working in both the professional and educational sides of classical music, Carlos Andrés Botero has a unique perspective of the pandemic’s impact on the future of the music world. He shares an insider’s view of an orchestra developing its role in its community and a conservatory adapting to serve its students

4 Ways to Use Your Musicianship to Connect with Your Community
Written by Andrea Beyer

Co-Authored by Sarasota Orchestra horn player Priscilla Rinehart.
As music organizations across the US are making bold statements in support of equal rights, we are offering ideas for individual musicians looking to reach out to their communities or get involved in social justice.