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    Audition resources!
    I’ve pooled some audition prep resources I’ve seen recently if anyone wants to check them out or add one!

    Noa Kageyama’s Bulletproof Musician


    Rob Knopper’s Audition Hacker

    here’s a talk from Dinka Migic-Vlatković, a mental coach who specializes in working with musicians, I met her at a music festival in Sweden last summer and she is wonderful 🙂
    (she’s married to Radovan Vlatković, and this is video is from Sarah Willis’ horn hangouts!)

    Please add more if you can think of any!
    Yay free mug ☕ yay musicians supporting musicians!


    Noa and Rob are doing a several day free “get your stuff together timeline thingy” right now

    Oooh mug me !!


    We also have great audition resources at Audition Cafe! You can check out interviews with past audition winners and orchestra veterans here.


    Here are audition repertoire lists for all instruments across various professional orchestras in the US going as far back as 2004 (though most are between 2011 and now):

    Orchestral Audition Repertoire Lists

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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