Karine Bouchard is not one to go on and on with long tirades. So here is a summary of an abridgement describing her frugally.
She starts learning cello at the age of 18 and against all expectations, she still plays the cello today. She obtained her undergraduate degree in 2014 (the paper is very important) and since then, she devotes herself to all the styles of music that she finds hidden behind doors.
Orchestral musician (Pronto Musica, Orchestre Symphonique de l’Agora), pop/studio/sub musician (Ewan Macintyre Band, Arnaud Lilian, Raychel, Orange Mist, Trifantasy, Sarah Toussaint-Léveillé, Shyre, Tambour, Maison Brume, Vanessa Marier, Raveen…), and solo artist (La Violoncelliste). Karine takes part, replace and is present in a multitude of projects.
Always ready for adventures and eclectic projects, she loves to do choping and sing back vocal (well…)
You have to meet her to understand that she treasures her job and that she is just beginning to show it to you.


Université de Montréal

2004-2008 Baccalauréat


La Violoncelliste

2006-2017 Teacher

Individual lessons, constructed with the student to achieve specific goals, fun times and great working exercices mixed with knowledge of posture and many musical styles. Lots of good moments!

La Violoncelliste

2016- Looper

I’m a looper…RC-300 is my best friend and I can improvise for hours, excellent relaxation/concentration music (see my website!)

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