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Make the Decision Easy For Them
Written by Jeff Nelsen

International Horn Soloist and Former Member of Canadian Brass
Professor of Horn, Indiana University – Jacobs School of Music

4 Auditions You Can Win (that have nothing to do with talent)

I’m sure you’re well aware of what orchestral auditions are looking for: the best performer. Period. To win these auditions you have to play better than everyone else (and then some).  And even then, the panel might not hire that person because they were really hoping Jascha Heifetz was going to come back from the

Will My Preparation For an Audition be Worth it?

I started taking professional auditions about ten years ago, actually while I was still doing my undergrad.  Back then, the Westmorland Symphony came to our campus in Pittsburgh to hold auditions-quite the luxury in hindsight.  After a year or two there and I started subbing with the Erie Phil-an orchestra I believe every classical musician

The Best Musical Advice: A Cautionary Tale

“Maybe you should go do that.” These six simple words have stuck with me for over ten years now. Of all the profound teachings from lessons, masterclasses, coachings, legendary conductors, and best-selling books on self improvement, nothing even comes close to the same level of transformative power that those words have had on my life.